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“What are you going to play?”

To this question there is no stock answer or logical explanation. Every event, every family, person, venue, crowd, range of ages, backgrounds and type of party is totally unique and completely different.

Every week I never play the same selection of songs as the previous week. There is no formula no magic secret just;


Every experienced DJ can tell you that on numerous occasions when they have “guessed” the crowd correctly someone will, come up to them and ask; “Can you play such a such record?” And, (this really happens!) That is just the song which the DJ has had queued  to play next. An inexperienced DJ might think it’s all about the beat/tempo but that’s only a small part of it, there’s feelings, emotions, memories, key, words and much more. Reading the crowd leads me in many directions. One night I’ll play loads of all the “cheesy stuff”; Macarena, Amarillo and Y.M.C.A  but with another crowd I wouldn't dare play that stuff. Sometimes it’s all current chart and on another occasion it will will Dean Martin and Al Martino.  

Enormous Library

I carry literately tens of thousands of songs covering virtually everything from Glen Miller in the 1940’s up to last weeks number one. Plus all sorts of speciality tracks from National Anthems to TV theme songs and wedding and birthday tracks.

In the event that I don’t have a track requested on the night most venues these days have wifi and I also carry a T-mobile dongle for downloading from the Internet.  

Helen Robertson - Winchester Guildhall - Events Coordinator

A big thank you for Saturday night in our Walton Suite - we had some excellent feedback from Laura Prior -

The Birthday Girl; “I would like to say what a fab DJ you supplied. He was great and played exactly the type of music

I asked for. He also took requests and every song that was requested he played. A big thank you to him”

Many thanks Brian, always a pleasure to get such good feedback from our clients.

Your Play list

I’m very used to getting E-mails with a list of peoples favourite songs. Also requests NOT to play a specific song or songs. Please by all means let me know of any of your wishes. You can be assured I’ll do everything to play them for you.

Normally a list of between 10 to 30 songs is great but any more than that and it can start to get difficult to fit them all in. If everyone is dancing and you’ve given me a list of thirty ballads then I also have to add lib.