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A life of music

Most of my earliest memories are of music. Watching The Beatles live on the Royal Variety Performance, Listening to Radio Caroline on a transistor radio and picking up my first guitar at the age of 12.

By 16 I was doing first gig and I’ve been playing ever since.

I did my first disco 16 years ago. There was a wedding at our village hall. The disco that had been booked didn’t turn up (something I have NEVER done!) and someone remembered that Brian owned a PA system, a van and a couple of CD’s.

Since that night I’ve been doing disco’s virtually ever single week for 16 years. A list of some of the events I can remember is shown on the right hand side of this page.   

My other life!

When I’m not doing disco’s my passion in music is writing, recording and performing my own songs. I’ve played in everything from a 10 piece soul band to a 3 piece rock band and even an acoustic duo with a sax player. These days I mostly play acoustic blues as a solo performer complete with harmonica and a stomping foot.
In the past I’ve recorded for Bill Wyman in the Rolling Stones Mobile and last year I made it to the regional finals of the Live and Unsigned national competition. I have music for sale on i-tunes and Amazon, all links are on my other web site shown opposite

Events that I have done disco’s for; (those that I remember!)

Weddings,  Civil Partnerships, Birthdays 16th, 18th, 21, 30, 40,50 and up to 90 (still waiting for the first 100th birthday) Summer Balls, Winter Balls, MOD Mess Functions, Masonic,  Bar mitzvah, School Reunions, School Proms, Funerals, Wake, Christening, Teachers End of Term Celebration, Christmas, New Years Eve, Office Party, Iranian Birthday Party, Filipino gathering, Chinese New Year, Fashion Show, Divorce, Celebration, Beer Festival, Pub Entertainment, Pirate fancy dress, Theme nights, anniversary, retirement and I promise you I’m not making this up, the loudest disco I ever did for a “Deaf Association!”